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At the moment, most of my blog is about lifestyle and fitness, but very soon there will be more creativity that runs like a red thread throughout my life.
My sincere romance with all manifestations of creativity envelops me from early childhood. I even received an art education and a diploma of a fashion designer out of love for beauty. Recently, dancing and design have been added to my hobbies.
To be honest, I'm more of an introvert and often spend time alone with myself. Who else will understand me better than myself? I can't say that I'm uncomfortable in society, soon real Siberian childhood brought up this strong character in me and helped me to build my personal boundaries over time. That is why I leave my personal life and the personal life of my loved ones private without giving interviews.

I'm sure you know me because you're here! My name is Valenti and I have a huge insta blog with over 2 million subscribers. I have always loved to create beautiful and bright content. At first it was just a hobby, but over time it grew into a real work that bears fruit.
By the way, this is an important point for all my readers - any information outside the official pages and this site often has nothing to do with me and is nothing more than an invention of those who want to enrich themselves at your or my expense.

I have only one best friend - this is my dog Omon. We get along well on my comfortable personal squares in Moscow. Of course, this is not the same cozy house from the picturesque town on the Yenisei where I was born and raised, but here I found more opportunities for self-realization and growth.

From the global plans for the next couple of years - the opening of an animal shelter. My parents raised me in an atmosphere of unconditional love, since I am the only child in the family, and therefore I want to share this love with the most defenseless creatures - our smaller brothers.
When I was 5 years old, I caught a whole can of cabbage.
The most difficult thing was to catch a beautiful and bright butterfly like "swallowtail" or "peacock's eye"... Cabbage, although not very beautiful, are lazy. Catching them was not difficult... In order to somehow decorate my prey - I took a palette of my mother's eyeshadows at home and tried to decorate their wings myself."Wow" - the effect, of course, was not, but my mother laughed when she saw it - it means that it was not in vain.
The moral of this fable is as follows - "Better one beautiful and rare swallowtail than 100 cabbage butterflies, even in a good make-up"

When I laid out the process of creation in a story, there were many questions: "where" and "how" to start drawing? I believe that every person is capable of doing beautiful things at any age, but I will not talk about what a fine fellow I am - I sat down and painted a picture the first time.
As a child, my parents sent me to an art school, where I studied for 5 years.
But I think if a person has a desire, he can start from scratch. The main thing is to love what you do!
Now I promise to show you my work more often, in the future I want to do a charity auction!
Lifelong hobby - painting
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